Solar Energy

Modern Recycled Spaces Solar

Modern Recycled Spaces is powered by solar energy. We are at the forefront of the green energy revolution. Power Up your Business with Solar Power

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Building Successful Businesses Since 2009

Modern Recycled Spaces Solar Energy Cells Power Locations:
Gateway Centre,Fruit and Produce Centre ,and THE MODERN at Mill One

Green Energy

Safe and Clean Green Energy

Tax Deducible

Tax Credits Given To Green Energy Business

Safe And Secure

Renewable Energy To Make a change in the world.

Gateway Centre Solar

Gateway Centre Solar
Developed, own and manage this 390 KW solar array.


A Leader In The Industry

Fruit and Produce Centre Solar

Developed, own and manage this 998 KW solar array

Gateway Centre Solar

THE MODERN at Mill One Solar
Developed, own and manage this 150  KW solar array.


Powered By GREEN Energy

MRS Properties Produce over 100 MJ of Energy from Green Solar Panels.

Millions in Average Savings Per Year

KJ Generated Per Year

Our Leasing Agents

Contact Any of our leasing agents to learn more about this amazing opportunity to lease your business on a green energy powered building. Ask our agents about solar power tax credits  and benefits.

Max Popkin

Max Popkin

Leasing Agent

Daniel Popkin

Daniel Popkin

Leasing Agent

Fernando Blanco

Fernando Blanco

Leasing Agent

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