Q: How long are leases?
A: This all depends on the specific building and the type of space. Generally, for larger office and warehouse spaces leases are between five and ten years long. For smaller spaces, we will sometimes consider two to five year leases. We rarely offer short term leases (i.e. less than a year), however, we are very flexible and love to accommodate creative companies — so please contact us and we will see what we can do.
Q: What is Studio Park?
A: Studio Park is one of the most unique buildings in Hamilton, NJ. This former mill building has been transformed to create the very best modern workspaces for rent and lease, with units and commercial spaces ranging from 500 to 100,000 SF. This building has a mix of creative tenants including law firms, exotic car rentals, on-site commercial printing, marketing, clothing, furniture, artists, start-ups, and even Bai Brands (Dr. Pepper/Keurig).
Q: Do I need a broker?
A: You do not need a broker to rent space in our buildings. Many tenants contact us directly, however, we are always happy to work with outside brokers as well.
Q: How quickly can I move in?
A: This all depends on the availability of the desired space(s). We have had situations where a tenant signs a lease and moves in within 24 hours. We are very flexible and can often accommodate tenants in ways that other landlords cannot.
Q: What does rent include?
A: When you contact Modern Recycled Spaces®, we will provide you with an estimated quote of the suite’s monthly rent. The monthly rent quote will include base rent and estimated CAMs. CAMs are Common Area Maintenance fees, such as taxes, insurance, cleaning, fire and safety, snow plowing, etc. Therefore, in your monthly rent you are also covering your space’s share of the common area cost. The tenant is responsible for any costs within your space, for example phone, Internet, alarm, heat/air conditioning, janitorial, etc.
We are always happy to walk you through any estimated charges or fees because we believe in transparency and working with you to feel comfortable with your lease.
Q: Am I able to make changes to a space? If so, how is this paid for?
A: At Modern Recycled Spaces® no change, tenant improvement, or customization scares us. We love design and constantly work with our tenants to customize their rental spaces to meet their dynamic needs. Every situation and lease is unique, so please feel free to click this link to see some examples of our cool spaces: View PDF
Q: When are the buildings open?
A: Generally, tenants have access to our buildings 24/7. Security and safety are very important to us, which is why tenants have key/fob access to our buildings. At most buildings “after hours” (i.e. outside normal business hours), tenants receive key fobs and gate codes to access the buildings.
Q: Whom can I contact for a tour or more information?
A: You can always contact info@modernrecycledspaces.com or call 609-731-0378.
Q: How is pricing determined?
A: All of our spaces are unique and priced differently. Please contact us for pricing inquiries. We quote the monthly rent, however, if you would like to calculate the price per square foot multiple the monthly payment amount by 12 and divide it by the Rentable Square Feet (RSF). When comparing our rates to competitors, please remember that our quoted monthly rental rates include the estimated CAMs. We always try our best to offer spaces superior to our competition at a lower rate.
Q: Do you have reserved parking?
A: All of our buildings have on-site tenant parking. For the most part, we do not offer reserved spots. However, we are starting to add Tesla and electric vehicle charging stations and parking spots to our buildings.